Thursday, December 2, 2010

American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) is a leading private university in Bangladesh, who established in 1994. The university has a  great reputation in Engineering and Computer Science sector. The university is Better for Electrical and Electric Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, BBA.

Courses/Subjects at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB):

BSc in Computer Science
BSc in Computer Engineering
BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
BBA - Accounting and Finance
BBA - Marketing
BBA - Hotel and Tourism Management
BBA - Human Resource Management
BBA - Management Information System
BBA - Operations Management
BBA - Economics
BBA - Management
MBA - Regular
MBA - Accounting
MBA - Finance
MBA - General Management
MBA - Operations Management
MBA - Management Science
MBA - Marketing
MBA - Human Resource Management
Executive MBA Program
Agribusiness MBA Program

For Engineering: 123-158
For Architecture: 175
For BBA: 123

Expenses and Tuition Fees at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB):

Per Credit: 4,000 Taka
Admission Fees: 15,000 Taka (one time)

Annual Fees: 13,000 Taka ( per year)

Student Activity Fees: 8,000 Taka  (one time)

Lab Fees: 2,000 Taka (per lab course)

Miscellaneous: 1,500 Taka ( per semester)

So Estimated full Course Fees:

BBA: 4,70,000 Taka
Architecture: 7,00,000 Taka
E.E.E.: 6,50,000 Taka